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    Parking in New York City is like parking in a war zone. There are road hazards, bad drivers and rude people. I used to be one of those people who always parked in the street to save money. After getting my car dinged by taxi cab doors once, twice, three times….I decided to try a parking lot. How bad could a parking garage be? After all You pay money to park, so you expect that they will care for your car. Needless to say, after two weeks of parking at the garage I noticed my first door ding, the size of a quarter. I brought this to the attendant’s attention only to be told that I drove in with the door ding. I was really pissed by the attendant’s arrogance. I had a word with the parking garage manger the next day and he told me they would pay for the dent removal, but future incidents would be my problem. He explained that car dings were unavoidable since the cars are constantly being moved about and he did not know when the ding occurred or who was driving the car. The manager told me about door shox and recommended the product. He actually showed me a vehicle that was parked there with the product attached. I was A bit skeptical at first, but I purchased a set of valet door shox to try. Nicely engineered product!

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