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    Parking nowadays is just as dangerous as driving. Whether you park in the shopping mall or the street, dings and dents to your car door is a big problem. Each year thousands of cars are damaged in parking garages and parking lots, resulting in millions of dollars in damages. This problem is so prevalent that businesses were started to specifically remove car door dings and dents. Body shops and ding repair shop businesses are booming, as more people are repairing their car doors from the unsightly car dings. To the rescue are a slew of car door protection products such as car door guards and car door protectors that can help save your car door. As cars become sleeker and more sculpted, many car manufacturers are foregoing the bulky car door guards altogether. Without car door protection, the car door is a sitting target and can be easily damaged when an adjacent door makes contact with the metal surface. Sometimes this contact results in a ding and even worse a deep scratch. A ding can usually be repaired at a body shop. However, a deep scratch or scrape will be more permanent, and difficult to cover up. Some car manufacturers offer OEM car door guards as an option or an aftermarket accessory. While these products help reduce the incidence of car door dings and dents they are usually mounted to low for maximum effectiveness or are to skinny to offer much protection.

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