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    Car door ding prevention is all about finding the right parking spot. While I follow my parking rules instinctively, I have racked my brains and put my rules on paper. My rationale is that this could benefit some people, and prevent car door dings.

    1) Always park away from other cars when possible. A short walk to the mall or store will do you good.
    2) Try to park in the end cap parking spots. End cap parking spots are usually wider and you can park closer to one side. When parking in an end cap spot you only need to worry about one side of the vehicle.
    3) avoid parking next to large cars (i.e. Buick lesabre circa 1970’s –1990) because they take up more space and have big heavy doors. Avoid parking next to old and neglected cars that look like rust buckets. Avoid parking next to minivans with a bumper sticker that says “soccer mom”. the driver of these vehicles classes, do not care about their vehicle’s appearance. More likely than not they will plant a few car door dings on your delicate car door paint and never look back.
    4) If possible park next to small cars (i.e. Honda or Toyota) or expensive cars (i.e. BMW or Mercedes).
    5) Use car door protection whenever you park.

    While there is no guaranteed full proof way to prevent car door dings and dents, a little common sense and caution will keep your car door ding free and looking great.

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