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DoorShox Prevents Car Door Dings and Dents!!!

"The DoorShox Car Door Protection System is the Ultimate Car Door Guard for Your Luxury Vehicle”
Vehicle Door Protection With Style
The Door Shox vehicle door protector was conceived after months of study and observing some of the most popular luxury sedans. “We wanted a sleek and aerodynamic shape that would complement a car’s natural curves. What we did not want was a block shape car door guard with a giant logo that would stand out.” Creating a super light-weight car door guard that absorbs bumps was paramount to the design stage - we wanted a super light weight material that would also absorb car door bumps. Our high impact foam is perfect for the job.
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no TOUCH Magnets

Security Cable

Bridge Architecture

Magnetic feet are covered by a silicone like rubber that will not scratch your paint. Rubber coating will not trap dirt and debris like fabric or felt covered car door protectors, it will not get wet or soggy...EASY TO CLEAN: Magnets can be wiped down with a tissue, hand wipe or rinsed with a hose.

What good is a car door protector that can be stolen. To thwart theft every car door guard comes standard with a security cable. The vinyl coated aircraft cable is cut resistant, and thin enough so it fits in the door jamb when the door is closed. A suction cup attached to the cable secures to the inside glass

What’s the point of a car door guard that cannot absorb bumps. A bridge design enhances the foams natural ability to flex. When the car door protector is struck the impact arches compress and then spring back to their original form. This flexibility provides maximum shock absorption.

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Flexible Material

V-Tech Energy Foam

Contours to your vehicle

The amazing thing about the Door Shox car door protector is the products flexibility. This flexibility allows the car door guard to conform better to your vehicle’s body, providing a glove like fit. Whether your car has bulging doors or flared fenders the Door Shox will flex to provide the best protection.

Our car door protection utilizes the highest quality materials. The #1 Door Shox is comprised of V-Tech energy absorbing foam that’s lightweight and weatherproof. When the car door guard is bumped the material flexes and bounces back to its original form. Rain or shine the Door Shox car door guard will protect your car doors from door bumps!

What’s the point of a car door protector that cannot fit your flared fenders or sculpted car doors. This is a major problem for other door guards, not the Door Shox car door guard. Our car door protector was designed to contour to your vehicles body panels for a best fit. Picture above shows a Camaro with a bulging rear fender.

Why Do you Need a Car Door Guard and Car Door Protection ?

Door Shox is the Ultimate Removable Magnetic Car Door Protector...PERIOD!

The Best Magnetic Car Door Protection and Car Door Protectors For Safer Parking
The Door Shox vehicle door protector will help guard your car or truck from dings, paint chips and dents when parking on the street, outdoor parking lots or indoor parking garages. Without vehicle door protection your car doors can be easily dented when an adjacent vehicle door makes contact. Car door dings is a common occurrence in parking lots and parking garages everywhere. Even at home, the Door Shox vehicle door guard is the ultimate car door protection for your home garage or shared driveway. How does vehicle door protection work? Simple, a vehicle door protector acts like a barrier to prevent adjacent car doors from making contact. How does it attach? The Door Shox vehicle door guard uses powerful earth magnets for a tight fit. Attach vehicle door protection after you park and remove it before driving. The Door Shox car door protector is the ultimate vehicle door guard for parking lots and parking garages. Removable car door protection has never been easier.
What’s the difference between Vehicle Door Edge Guards and Vehicle Door Guards ?
Many people confuse vehicle door edge protection with vehicle door guards. Car door edge guards cannot fully defend your car door from nicks, dents, scratches, and car door dings. While car door edge guards only protect the vehicle door edge, a vehicle door guard will protect the door skin. The Door Shox vehicle door protection is a magnetic car door protector that gives you peace of mind and protects your car when you can’t. Use the Door Shox vehicle door protector when parking at the mall, supermarket, commuter parking lots, NYC parking garages and long-term parking lots. Removable car door protection has never been easier.
DoorShox Car Door Protection Foam: Our Car Door Protector Is Constructed Of An Energy Foam
Our Car Door Protector is constructed of a quality energy absorbing foam rubber. Not all car door protectors are created equal! If car door dings and dents has got you worried get the #1 rated car door protection from Door Shox. For extra impact cushioning the Door Shox vehicle door protector is made from an energy absorbing foam rubber that’s flexible and light weight.
Magnetic Vehicle Door Guards Offer Temporary Vehicle Door Protection
Many vehicle door guards and moldings permanently adhere to your vehicle, ruining the vehicle’s appearance. For a long time stick-on vehicle door protection was the only available option. Magnetic car door protection was introduced later and provided people with temporary vehicle door protection. A popular marketing term was “use it when u need it vehicle door protection.” Early car door guards were not very good – the problem was that they had exposed earth magnets or exposed vinyl magnets. The introduction of the Door Shox revolutionized the industry with the introduction of its “No Touch Magnets.” The Door Shox utilizes powerful earth magnets that are covered in a soft silicone like rubber, so that the magnets never make direct contact with the vehicle paint. A huge benefit of the rubber coating is that it will not collect direct like fabric or felt and it’s easy to wipe clean.
Door Shox Vehicle Door Protectors Provide Flexible Vehicle Door Protection
While many magnetic car door guards use a single magnetic stripe the Door Shox uses three independent magnets. Why? Three independent magnets gives the Door Shox vehicle door protector extra flexibility for a custom fit and maximum car door protection. Like little feet on an octopus the Door Shox magnetic feet provides secure contact even on bulging car fenders. Vehicle Door Protector Has Rubber Coated Feet For Anti-Slip Vehicle Door Protection Door Shox truck door protectors have three independent magnets embedded in the foam body and then covered with a micro ribbed silicone like rubber. The micro ribs provide cushioning, reduces the contact area and provide an anti-slip surface. A huge benefit of the rubber feet is that they easily wipe clean and will not trap dirt and debris.
Door Shox Magnetic Car Door Guard - Innovative Bridge Design
The Door Shox vehicle door protector integrate a bridge design for better car door protection. A bridge architecture enhances the foams natural impact resistance by creating crumple zones that can contract and expand on impact. No other vehicle door guard comes close!!!
Door Shox Vehicle Door Protection Includes A Security Cable
What’s the point of a vehicle door guard if it can easily stolen. To deter theft, the Door Shox includes a vinyl coated steel cable that attaches inside the vehicle. Once secured the security cable cannot be cut with scissors, knives and box cutters.
Door Shox Vehicle Door Protection vs. Clear Paint Protection Films
In recent years clear urethane auto paint protection films have become a popular accessory for car door guards, vehicle door edge protection, and front bumper protection. These films are similar to the clear auto bras and provide a layer of protection that’s invisible to the eye. While auto paint protection films and clear auto bras are effective for various impact areas on the vehicle such as the headlight covers and front bumper, these products cannot protect your car door and car door edge from dings and dents.