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DoorShox Standard

Removable & Magnetic Car Door Protection

  • DoorShox Standard 4-Door Car Protection

    Protect 1 Side

    Protect 2 Sides

    Protect 2 Sides


  • DoorShox Standard
  • DoorShox Standard
  • DoorShox Standard
  • DoorShox Standard
  • DoorShox Standard
  • DoorShox Standard
  • DoorShox Standard
  • DoorShox Standard
  • DoorShox Standard

DoorShox Standard Edition is designed to protect either one or both sides of a 4-door vehicle and is designed for maximum car door coverage. The two door guards are attached by a common connector and a single security cable, set up to provide easy attachment and maximum side door and fender protection for 4-door vehicles. The Standard Edition DoorShox is perfect for shopping malls, commuter lots, self-park garages, airport parking and street parking. DoorShox uses rare earth magnets to attach to your vehicle's doors and magnets ONLY work with steel doors. Before you order, check to see whether or not your doors will be compatible with DoorShox.

  • 29.5” Width, 3” Height, 2” Depth

DoorShox Specifications

  • Soft Touch Magnet

    Soft Touch Magnets

    DoorShox magnetic feet are encased in super soft silicone like rubber that will not scratch your paint.* The rubber coating on DoorShox is designed resist dirt and debris unlike fabric or felt covered car door protectors. *See FAQ for more detail

  • Security Cable

    Security Cable

    As a theft deterrent, every DoorShox comes equipped with a security cable. The vinyl coated aircraft cable is cut resistant, and thin enough so it fits in the doorjamb when the door is closed. The security cable attaches via suction cup to the inside door window glass.

  • Impact Arch Design

    Impact Arch Design

    The patented bridge design enhances the DoorShox’s natural ability to flex. When DoorShox is struck the impact arches compress and spring back to their original form, providing maximum shock absorption. DoorShox is designed to contour to your vehicles body panels for the best fit.

  • Universal Fit

    Universal Fit

    DoorShox flexibility is one of it’s best features, allowing the guard to conform better to your vehicle’s body, providing a glove like fit. Whether your car has bulging doors or flared fenders DoorShox will flex to provide the best protection.

  • Modular Design

    Modular Design

    DoorShox is modular by design, providing the ability to replace the suction cup if necessary. Using only top quality suction cups (made in the USA), DoorShox is adaptable and functional for all car door protection needs.

  • Matte Texture

    Matte texture

    The matte black finish of DoorShox enables it to blend in with any vehicle providing maximum protection. While blending nicely with any color vehicle, DoorShox aides in protecting your vehicle against damage from door dents and dings.

Product Reviews

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  1. This dent protector is very good and effective 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    This dent protector is very good and effective. I bought this and attached it to both sides of my car one month ago. Attaching and detaching at parking sites is very simple and I take off to store in trunk before I drive. Everyday I park and use DoorShox when I am at work and protect my doors from bad parking jobs. Here in Los Angeles, NO DRIVER can park, all terrible. This Door Shox protector at parking lot has saved my car from dents and dings while I was away from my car. Might seem expensive but very effective product and saves money on repairing dent and dings!

  2. Finally, a Quality Car Door Guard That Works!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Your door guard fits my car beautifully. Much easier to attach and secure than I originally thought. Already I have noticed a few marks and scuffs on the Door Shox surface. Glad to know the product works. A happy customer!

  3. No More Dings…Excellent Car Door Protection!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Purchased your new door guard after much research. Some of the competing products had exposed magnets, and I did not want to chance scratching my door. No touch magnets are awesome! Love the soft feel of the silicone and the micro ribs. What else can I say "great product". Will recommend you to my friends.

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