Why Car Door Protection Products are Overlooked and Underappreciated?

Walk into any auto part accessory shop and ask for car door protection and you will be directed to an isle that sells car door edge guard and edge protectors. Surprisingly, the big chains have not yet realized that car door protection is an important category. So why are car door protection products overlooked and underappreciated? The answer is that most people do not realize the peril of parking at the mall, supermarket or parking lots in general. After all who would be mean enough to graze your car door and walk away from the scene, without so much as a note. Once a car door ding or dent happens, its not cheap to pop them out. Car door ding and dent repair companies can charge several hundred dollars to remove dings, not a “drop in the bucket for most people.” If this is the case why doesn’t everyone run out and buy car door protection for their car.

Well, most people are lulled into a false sense of security because they lease their cars. The truth is that many leasing companies now charge you for dings, dents and scratches – especially the more expensive cars. Since many cars today have no car door protection, car door dings and dents are on the rise. Without some type of door protection your car door can be easily dented and dinged. The DoorShox car door protection system was designed to help prevent car door dings and dents by providing a soft impact surface. If you want a temporary removable door protector look no further than the DoorShox. The DoorShox door guard is one of the most innovative car door protectors on the market today. Gone are the abrasive strip magnets and heavy bulky materials that plagued the car door protectors of the past.

*A properly maintained door guard will not scratch your paint. For best results, regularly clean the door guard surfaces and the car door.