FEATURES: DoorShox - Car Door Protector

Without car door protection your car doors are at risk. Door to door contact during parking is a common occurence. Without car door protection your vehicle is susceptible to car door dings and dents every time you park. Whether you park on the street or a parking garage, car door guards and door protection is a must have parking accessory.

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Dimensions: * 29 inches per door guard * 69 inches total expansion * Adjustable cable goes from 0 – 11 inches
Weight: 15 ounces per Door Guard

No TOUCH Rubber Magnets

The Door Shox car door guard utilizes our patent pending “No Touch” magnet technology. This means that the magnets never make direct contact with your vehicle paint – the magnetic feet are covered with a micro ribbed silicone like material that’s soft and anti-slip. The micro ribs reduce the contact area and provides superior grip. Our rubber covered magnets EASILY WIPE CLEAN with a tissue or hand wipe or hose. The DoorShox car door protection system is the most advanced car door guard product on the market today.


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Anti-Theft Security cable

What’s the point of a car door guard that can be easily stolen? To prevent theft all Door Shox car door guards have a plastic coated security tether that attaches inside the vehicle with a suction cup. The cable is thin enough to allow the door to close easily on the cable, thereby securing the car door guard to the vehicle. The picture to the right shows a “Valet” Edition car door guard attached to a 2009 911 Carerra S. Note the security cable with suction cup attached to inside glass. Suction cup holds the security wire in place, so you can open and shut the door.


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Impact Arch Design

While all car door protectors serve to protect against door dings, not all car door protectors were created equal. That’s because only the Door Shox car door protector utilizes a patent pending bridge architecture, which acts like a spring. Impact arches where designed to enhance the materials flexibility to absorb impacts. When the arch is impacted it compresses and rebounds, dissipating the impact energy. The Door Shox is the most innovative car door protection on market!


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Flexible All Weather Material

What good is a car door guard if it cannot properly contour to your vehicle. Some car door guards work good on flat surfaces, but when the door bulges or fender flares these car door guards fail miserably– they cannot properly attach. By using three independent magnets our car door guard is flexible enough to fit almost any car door or fender. Better flexibility also means better impact absorption. Note: The picture on the right depicts just how flexible car door protection can be. Don’t settle for less than the best quality car door protection – Door Shox…rated #1 by car enthusiasts.

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V-tech energy Foam

What’s the point of a car door protector that cannot absorb door bumps. The #1 rated Door Shox car door guard is made from v-tech energy absorbing foam that’s weather proof and ultra lightweight. When the door protector is impacted the foam compresses and bounces back to its original shape. The materials excellent flexibility allows the Door Shox car door guard to fit almost any type of vehicle, even sports cars with flared fenders. Rain or shine the Door Shox car door protector will protect your car doors from parking dings, Accept no imitations!


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Contours to your vehicle

What good is a car door protector if it can’t flex around your bulging car doors/fenders. This is a major challenge for most car door protectors, but not the Door Shox. Our car door guard was designed to hug the curves of your vehicle like a glove. The bridge design and flexible v-tech foam give the Door Shox amazing flexibility. This means that even bulging car doors or fenders are covered. The picture to the right features a 2009 Carerra Porsche with a “Standard” Edition car door protector. Notice that the rear fender bulges out significantly.

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Product Specifications

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