Stop Car Door Dents and Dings with Car Door Protectors - Door Shox

Without a car door protector your car or truck is susceptible to door dings and dents. Your car doors are easily dented when struck by an adjacent car door. This is a common occurrence in parking lots everywhere. Most of the time car door dings and dents are accidental. A strong gust of wind or unlevel pavement is enough to cause your car door to swing open fully and hit an adjacent vehicle. While car door dings are accidental, why do we need to bear the cost of fixing the dent or ding.

As more car manufactures stopped including factory door guards, car door protectors were developed to help safe guard your car from the common door ding and dent. The most popular car and truck door protectors today are removable magnetic door guards. These door protectors are easy to use and secure firmly to the car’s door without any adhesives. Magnetic car door protectors take seconds to attach and will not modify the appearance of your vehicle. Removable magnetic car door protectors are a great way to protect your car doors from dings and dents.

*A properly maintained door guard will not scratch your paint. For best results, regularly clean the door guard surfaces and the car door.