Truck Door Protectors Prevent Car Door Dings, Damage and Dents...

Truck or SUV door protectors are a popular new accessory for preventing door dings and dents. In many respects trucks are even more susceptible to door dings and dents because they are typically wider than cars and require more space for parking. The wider stance means that adjacent vehicles will have less room to open their doors. To make matters worse, many truck manufacturers have done away with the factory door guards, in favor of sleeker styling.

Without a truck door protector or guard your truck door can be easily dinged or dented when the adjacent vehicle opens their door. Truck door protectors and door guards provide a cushioned barrier that will collapse on impact, thereby protecting the truck door from dings and dents. Truck and car door edge guard and protector will only protect the end of your door. Truck door protectors like the specially designed Door Shox will give your truck or SUV extra protection.

*A properly maintained door guard will not scratch your paint. For best results, regularly clean the door guard surfaces and the car door.